Apply for a PhD

What does being a PhD student involve

PhD = Doctorat = three-year research programme open to students who have successfully completed their 2 years master’s degre

A doctorate is based on the realization of an academic research project.

The aim of the doctoral program is to train doctoral students as highly skilled scientists capable of independent research in the public sector of higher education and research in biology and health sciences or as scientifically-trained professionals who will valorize their competences in a non-academic context.

Before admission - plan ahead

  • explore financial aid & advising services offered by DS or visit the various funding agencies’ websites to plan out the application process

  • track the research units works matching the topics that interest you

  • start thinking about reference letters from researchers

  • work on your master program! (high grades required in Master’degree to be accepted in the Doctoral program)

In brief


  • find a thesis topic and a thesis supervisor in the Doctoral school
  • have a Master's degree or equivalent (with appropriate grades) - evaluation of non-european master qualifications for the PhD programme admission is needed
  • have a Thesis funding (at least 1000€/month for 3 years)

3 process to follow (interlinked)

  • admission (Doctoral School)
  • enrollment (University) and registration fees (approx. 380€ + taxes)
  • recruitment (if applicable)

Joint Doctorate / Double diploma

A Joint Doctorate program with a foreign University can be pursued, with alternate periods of training in France and the other country. Around 20 doctoral students are presently preparing joint international doctorates.