Financing a full time PhD program

Prospective students for full time PhD have to find their own funding – a PhD scholarship/contract. Applicants can apply for a position as a Doctoral Contract at the Doctoral School selection.

Students with an external grant may apply for enrolment as a PhD student at the Doctoral School as soon as their acquire a funding proof. They must be able to provide documentation for the grant (1000€/month minimum for stay in France or at least 1758€/month). These requirements are designed to ensure that students are able to study full-time and that the Doctoral School is able to comply with the French doctorate regulation by ensuring that students complete their PhD programmes on time.

Funding a PhD

There are several ways to fund PhD studies, e.g. applying for one of the University doctoral contract position or for an Industrial PhD (CIFRE/ ANRT). .

Doctoral School selection

These are essentially vacancy announcements for positions as Doctoral Contract in the Doctoral School of Biology and Health.

Application procedure

  1. Find the relevant information here on the Doctoral School website (Requirements for admission).

  2. Check your qualifications level

  3. Find a thesis supervisor and a thesis subject
    you can apply to a PhD position or approach a research team or researcher working in the topics that interests you

  4. Find funding and work your application
    Prepare a PhD proposal and a work schedule for the PhD project.
    Prepare all relevant documentation.

  5. Submit the application. All applications must be submitted through the on-line application system

  6. Assessment procedure.
    The Doctoral School and the Doctoral affairs will decide on your application’s admissibility. If your application is accepted, you will be able to access the enrollment platform online, run by the Registrar’s Office

  7. Enroll
    obtain your CVEC (contribution to campus and student life tax) certificate - online payment - and fill in the online form (also pay enrollment fees, usually by bank transfer or bank card)

Requirements for admission

Application screening & prerequisites
send theses informations to the doctoral school before starting the ADUM account creation

The qualification level
An academic European Master's degree with training in research (“Master's in research”, a course- and research- based degree) in the field of Biology, Health Sciences or a closely allied discipline with a ranking of at least 12/20 is required
 International applicants (outside EU) must submit official academic records (and transcripts thereof if not written in French or English). Records must provide information on the content of courses taken, research training/6th months internship, class ranks and grades received.

The Thesis (supervisor and subject)
* PhD student to supervisor ratio : As a rule, a senior scientist habilitated to supervise research can be allowed to supervise only three doctoral students, in order to foster close interaction between students and faculty.
* Subject topics / feasability
* Research Unit within the doctoral school (list)

The Funding
Registration cannot be authorized when there is no dedicated funding, unless there is funding from the doctorate student’s employer, for full-time or parttime doctorate programs.
Reference : Doctoral contract salary 1758€
Joint PhD ≥ 1000€ during the stay in France

PhD candidates outside EU: when enrolling in a Doctorate

About visas:

The circumstances of the doctoral program determine the appropriate visa, ex :

  • long stay "D visa" "Passeport talent : Scientific researcher” visa and residency permit in the case of a doctoral contract signed with a French institution
    hosting agreement provided by your hiring institution
  • long stay "D visa" "Passeport talent : Student” visa for doctoral students enrolled in a French higher education establishment and who do not have a French employment contract
    depending of your country, three ways to apply for you VLS-TS for PhD study: Campus France's CEF procedure, French Consulate/Embassy, Goverment website

Warning, it is important to anticipate some process with sometimes dependency between procedures:

  • Recruitment file will require stating your bank account, residency adress,...
  • Opening a bank account require a proof of adress, visa and ID
  • Booking private accomodation require proof of ressources (contract,...)

Gather necessary documents before you leave your country:

  • birth certificate (original document and copies)
  • previous diplomas
  • ...

Once in France, other administrative tasks to perform:

  • social security registration
  • prepare to be eligible to income tax (if employed)

Usefull informations:

Welcome services for international PhD students, researchers & professors in mobility : Euraxess center in Lille