Selection for institutional fundings


Doctoral school selection for Institutional fundings is in two steps :

  1. Thesis proposal by the thesis director
  2. Candidate Application

Admission is competitive and is achieved through a selection procedure by the scientific jury of the Doctoral School usually on the first half of June. Candidates are ranked based on the quality of their research project (written presentation, 6 pages, and oral presentation, 10 minutes), its feasibility within the official three years duration of the doctoral work, and the quality of their answers to questions posed by the jury. The result is given following deliberation by the examiners.

Since 2016, an additional selection process for foreign candidates already identified by the research unit, called International Selection, is offering research fellowships fully funded by the University of Lille for foreign students to attend Doctoral Courses. (Foreign candidates are yet eligible in both selection process)

Research Grants 2024 (Doctoral positions)


  • March 25th, 2024 : call for application is open
  • April 30th 2024 : deadline for an application
  • May 14th 2024 : convocation notice
  • May 28 and 29 2024 : Interviews

Where to find thesis subjects?

The list of thesis subjects potentially financed as part of the "Doctoral School selection" is accessible on the ADUM portal (

Who is eligible?

The applicants for a grant are allowed to register provided they obtained a Master’s degree oriented on research (or equivalent) with a ranking situated in the upper two-thirds of the graduating class.

Before returning your file, it is imperative to contact the person in charge of the proposed subject.

How to apply?

Everything is online via ADUM

Selection process

Available positions, regulations and application

Jury composition

Jury's criteria


EDBSL Rules of Procedure Entrance Exam for Doctoral Contracts

What revenue do chosen candidates receive?

If you are selected by a French institution, you will have a 3-years employment contract. The employment contract will start on October 1, 2024.

You will benefit from a pay from your host institutions of a minimum of 2,100 Euros gross per month.

Concours réservé aux candidats étrangers rentrée 2024