Pays d'origine hors UE

PhD candidates outside EU: when enrolling in a Doctorate

About visas:

The circumstances of the doctoral program determine the appropriate visa, ex :

  • long stay "D visa" "Passeport talent : Scientific researcher” visa and residency permit in the case of a doctoral contract signed with a French institution
    hosting agreement provided by your hiring institution
  • long stay "D visa" "Passeport talent : Student” visa for doctoral students enrolled in a French higher education establishment and who do not have a French employment contract
    depending of your country, three ways to apply for you VLS-TS for PhD study: Campus France's CEF procedure, French Consulate/Embassy, Goverment website

Warning, it is important to anticipate some process with sometimes dependency between procedures:

  • Recruitment file will require stating your bank account, residency adress,...
  • Opening a bank account require a proof of adress, visa and ID
  • Booking private accomodation require proof of ressources (contract,...)

Gather necessary documents before you leave your country:

  • birth certificate (original document and copies)
  • previous diplomas
  • ...

Once in France, other administrative tasks to perform:

  • social security registration
  • prepare to be eligible to income tax (if employed)

Usefull informations:

Welcome services for international PhD students, researchers & professors in mobility : Euraxess center in Lille