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DS Important Dates 2023-2024

Common dates and deadlines per semester

Please check with the academic unit concerned and refer to the specific pages of the website/or formal communication (mail,etc.) for work-term deadlines.
Consult the calendars below to find out more about some important dates and deadlines or recurrent milestones.This information can change without notice.

1st Semester

(Re-)Enrollment for 2023/2024 session begins


Course (selected registration): French course for PhD students

September 29th 2023 to January 19 2024

College Doctoral Starting Webinar

date to come

Holidays – University not closed but service may be slowed down

Vacances de la Toussaint - late October or early November

André Verbert’s Day – DS PhD student congress

Phygital edition - recorded online video + on site communications

November 13, 2023

Course (selected registration): Animal Experimentation handling course

November and December (Thursday, Friday mostly)

"Graduate Programme day - Master and doctorial students meeting"

November 6, 2023

"Rentrée doctorale" orientation for all incoming grad students, to help bridge the transition to doctorate studies.

December 7, 2023

Course: Practice Makes Perfect

date to come

PhD Welcome for all incoming international grad students. A seminar to help the transition to doctorate studies.

date to come

Challenge Doc

December, 11 2023 to December, 13 2023

(Tuition fees) Payment deadline

December 15, 2023

University closed for the winter break.

December, 22 2023 to January,2 2024

Recommended tuition fee payment deadline for students enrolling or starting their program in October.


Recommended tuition fee payment deadline for Health PhD students enrolling or starting their program in November


Final date to submit final doctoral theses to DS and DAS for a defence before the end of the civil year (in any cases, request is due 8 weeks before the defence)
without having to enrol in next academic year


Recommended CSI report transmission to DS deadline


Deadline for standard admission in doctoral program (appart from Joint or Double diploma, CIFRE, …)

Late November

2nd Semester

PhD Job Day:

date to come

MT180s 2024

  • preselections:
  • finale régionale:
  • GoMT180:

Course (selected registration): Integrity in Research Day

date to come


Course (selected registration): MC - Approches CRISPR/Cas : de la théorie à la pratique en laboratoire

date to come

Course (selected registration): Introduction to statistical analysis of -omics data

date to come


Course (selected registration): MC - La chromatographie en phase supercritique, une technique verte pour la purification chirale : de l’échelle analytique à l’échelle semi-préparative.

date to come

Doctoriales Hauts-de-France

date to come

Talk Like Ted

date to come

University closed for the summer break

July, 26 2024 to August, 18 2024


Enrollment deadline for CIFRE

Late April

Deadline for supervisors to propose Doctoral position to the entrance Exam for Doctoral Contracts


Application deadline for the International Selection for foreign PhD candidates


Submitting the application to the entrance Exam for Doctoral Contracts (candidates)

usually late april

Examinations - Entrance Exam for Doctoral Contracts

late may, early june

Derogatory extension requests (lenght of the thesis)